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Hot Wheels

  1. Hot Wheels  3 Car Pack New

    Speed into an instant Hot Wheels™ collection with race-ready packs that feature three highly detailed die-cast vehicles.

  2. Hot Wheels  Japan Import 10 Car Pack New

    Product Description Hot Wheels 10-Car Gift Packs deliver ten of the coolest 1:64 scale die-cast vehicles with unifying themes in one package Each pack is an instant collection! Some vehicles not for use with some Hot Wheels sets. 10 Hot Wheels Cars Per Pack! Each theme features it's own unique assortment.

  3. Hot Wheels 10-in-1 Track Set New

    Hot Wheels 10-in-1 Track Set: With this set, kids can race on their own terms, in their own creative style! Make any one of an outrageous 10 different configurations on more than 21 feet of track. Use loops, steep curves and two boosters to ramp up the thrills.

    Then, redesign the course for all new competitive action, and start the fun again - and then again! The two power charger boosters in signature orange keep the racing going nonstop. The vibrant multi-colored tracks, boosters and banks are both durable and easy to assemble and disassemble. Start your engines and launch into new creative racing adventures! Includes one die-cast car. Ages 4 and older.

  4. Hot Wheels 3 in 1 Mega Rally Set New

    Race and rally thrills reach the max with this cool track set. Face off with friends or practice your speed.

  5. Hot Wheels 5-Car Pack New

    Speed into an instant Hot Wheels™ collection with a race-ready pack that features five highly detailed die-cast vehicles.

  6. Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Black & Gold Themed Assortment New

    The models in this range are celebrating the golden 50th anniversary
  7. Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Car Assortment New

    One-time event celebrating the cars that started it all. Replicas of 5 original Hot Wheels cars with new Anniversary graphics and original packaging. Features include full die-cast construction, Spectraflame paint, Redline wheels and a collectible button.

    Includes a randomly selected package with a code to win a life-size 50th Anniversary Hot Wheels Camaro.

  8. Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Zamac Diecast Vehicles Assortment New

    Hot Wheels® celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the original die-cast toy cars that captured the imagination of collectors, car enthusiasts, bigs, and littles everywhere.

  9. Hot Wheels Boomco Extra Darts Assrt New

    Smart Stick darts are at the heart and soul of the exciting new BOOMco. brand launch. The Extra Ammo assortment is comprised of 16 dart refill packs in 7 energetic colors and patterns so boys can choose their favorite and know whose are whose on the battlefield.

  10. Hot Wheels COLOR SHIFTERS City Series New

    Now you can transform the color of your Hot Wheels® cars with this assortment of Color Shifters® vehicles!

    It's simple - warm water changes your car's color, and icy water changes it back. Some vehicles even feature a multi-color transformation!

    A wide variety of decos and colors offers something cool for every car lover. Splash or dunk your Color Shifters® vehicle in water and watch your ride transform before your very eyes! It's like having two cars in one - you can hit the road, race the track and then change color to race again. Ages 3 and older.

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