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  1. Hot Wheels Mattel H7045 Hot Wheels 20 Car Gift Pack New
    Rs. 6,291.00 Rs. 8,490.00

    Start a Hot Wheels Collection! It's 20 times the Hot Wheels fun with 20 vehicles in one incredible pack! Collectors and car enthusiasts alike look upon these 1:64 scale die-cast vehicles with fondness and reverence, and kids will love joining the revved-up fun as well.

  2. Hot Wheels Power Shift Raceway Track Set New
    Rs. 10,791.00 Rs. 11,990.00

    It's extreme action on a slope with this set! Kids can blast their cars up, down and around this motorized loop raceway for a super cool, high-flying stunt! Or they can set multiple cars on the track for hours of epic Hot Wheels® racing fun. Includes a motorized booster for stunts and crashing action and 1 Hot Wheels® vehicle.

  3. Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Box New
    Rs. 8,091.00 Rs. 8,990.00
    Construct a course and get rolling with this Hot Wheels Track Builder challenge box. The container box and lid have connection points for making a custom pathway with the included bricks and orange tracks. Kids aged 6 and up can easily pack away the components of this portable Hot Wheels Track Builder challenge box.
  4. Hot Wheels ECL Balance Breakout Trackset New
    Rs. 8,991.00 Rs. 9,990.00

    Outrageous Hot Wheels weight-based, game-style track set that challenges kids to launch their cars into their bucket first and spill their friend's cars for the win! Play in 2-player mode to build sportsmanship— the set has 2 launchers, 2 buckets, and a crash zone!

  5. Hot Wheels Mega Hauler New
    Rs. 4,491.00 Rs. 4,990.00

    The Hot Wheels Mega Hauler is a big rig for big adventures with endless storytelling possibilities. This massive hauler can be loaded with up to 50 cars in its six expandable levels—and that's just the beginning! At the back of the hauler there is a ramp that comes down to connect to Hot Wheels City sets

  6. Hot Wheels Robo Wrecker Elementary Track Set New
    Rs. 2,241.00 Rs. 2,490.00

    This assortment offers simple, classic Hot Wheels® play with iconic cars, ultra-cool orange track and a launcher. Send cars down the gravity drop and end with a jump! How high, how far, how fast will they go?

  7. Hot Wheels Desert Sting New
    Rs. 1,161.00 Rs. 1,290.00
    Conquer the desert monster to escape the desert world. The Hot Wheels Desert Sting Launcher offers the ultimate track experience.
  8. Hot Wheels Motorized Race New
    Rs. 10,791.00 Rs. 11,990.00

    Going up? The Hot Wheels® Auto-Lift Expressway lets kids load up their cars and watch them race skyward as two elevators automatically take them—two by two—all the way to the very top!

  9. Hot Wheels Track Builder Essential Track Pack and Car Assortment New
    Rs. 3,591.00 Rs. 3,990.00

    The Hot Wheels Track Builder system offers the ultimate track experience for boys by allowing them to design, create and customise their very own track challenge.

  10. Hot Wheels Dragon Blast Playset New
    Rs. 6,741.00 Rs. 7,490.00

    Inspire storytelling fun and boost your kid's confidence with a thrilling adventure set that lets them play out being the hero. Players are challenged to save the city from a ferocious, rampaging dragon. When racers hit the beast, he angrily springs to life, spreading his wings and revealing multiple levels of action. Kids can test their motor and problem-solving skills by avoiding a fall into the dragon's cage - and then angling the second ramp launch to slam into his tail. It's the only way to defeat the terrifying beast. Want to keep the imaginative action going? Connect the set to other Hot Wheels Track Builder sets for a customizable world of track and play.

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