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Priyanthi Punchihewa De Silva — 5 star Good selection & brands. Very fast delivery! Ordered an item in the morning & it was delivered on the same day.

Nadeeka Jayasundera — 5 star Fast delivery.

Sweetie Angel Azhar — 5 star Great satisfaction and speedy delivery

Parmila Narayanan — 5 star fast delivery & better customer satisfaction

Ashif Bc — 5 star Best brands for reasonable prize

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"Overall, Happiness is a well done and comprehensive kids shopping site backed by a company which has good stock and delivers it fast. If you're a busy parent or gift-giver, this is an excellent alternative to the sweating it out on the streets".

"I find shopping online easy and see being popular for parents with young parents or those who want to pick a gift in the comfort of their own homes. Do head a round and check out their stuff. I’m particularly thrilled with their array of toys"