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  1. $11.81

    - Vent design gives good protection for the sore or irritated nipple.
    - Soft silicone inner pad makes more comfortable.
    - Prevents the milk leakage and backflow.

  2. $48.75

    Designed in special structure


    • Does not include Storage Set.
    • Color may differ due to stock availability
  3. $7.43

    • Safe and easy to use.
    • Applicable to most breast sizes.
    • Horn and sucking ball are sterilize- able.

    Colour may differ due to stock availability

  4. Farlin Maternity Belt BF601 Sale

    • Adjustable length.
    • Gives the good support to relieve backache.
    • Helps reduce the chances of a miscarriage.

  5. Farlin Microwave Steam Sterilizer Set Sale

    - Sterilizes bottles within minutes without use of chemicals.
    - For both standard and wide-neck feeding bottles.
    - Economical and can be used as a microwave cooking ware

  6. $4.88

    ••Unique dividing piece between layers avoids leakage of milk powder.
    ••Avoids smudge from the milk powder remnants to the carrying bag.
    ••To prevent milk powder from spreading out the feeding bottle.

  7. $5.59
    • Unique clip ensures a firm hold and safety.
    • Avoiding all risks of pricks from pins.
    • Easy to operate and keep baby’s pacifier handy.
    • Keeps pacifier handy in place.
    • Small chain holds the pacifier so that it will not fall onto the ground.
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