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  1. Farlin Baby Walker BF876A Sale

    Suitable for babies who can sit unaided from 6 months.

  2. Farlin Baby Walker BF880 Sale

    Suitable for babies who can sit unaided from 6 months.

  3. $89.70 $112.13

    - W/ safety belt. 2 position footrest.
    - Roomy table is removable.
    - Waterproof fabric and easy to clean.
    - 68 x 57 x 100 cm.

  4. Fisher Price Sweet Treats Lollipop Sale
    A sweet treat for baby—a rattle that looks like a lollipop! Easy to grasp and shake, with colorful swirls, moving beads, and a link for go-anywhere fun.
  5. $10.43
    Kids Joy Baby Gifit Set
  6. $21.68
    Kids Joy Baby Gifit Set
  7. $96.00

    Poco Casa provides a plentiful and safest environment needed for a child in his/her impressionable childhood, stimulating his/her early development and learning experience.

  8. $6.81
    • Twelve different colours are shown to a child in a different and candid manner in this jigsaw puzzle.
    • In the first instance they are exposed to different colours through matching jigsaws and then through actually using pens to fill in the objects with these colours.
    • In the puzzle, they identify and connect with the colours shown as face animations and match the pieces with objects of the same colour.
    • Children can actually colour one of the 3 pieces in all 12 puzzles in the right colour with colourful sketch pens provided inside.
    • The colourful faces depicted on the jigsaw pieces serve as shade cards and also show poignant emotions so the child connects with the puzzle very well. This shade card can used to match with similar coloured objects in and around the home
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