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For Boys

For Boys

  1. Hot Wheels  3 Car Pack New

    Speed into an instant Hot Wheels™ collection with race-ready packs that feature three highly detailed die-cast vehicles.

  2. Hot Wheels 10-in-1 Track Set New

    Hot Wheels 10-in-1 Track Set: With this set, kids can race on their own terms, in their own creative style! Make any one of an outrageous 10 different configurations on more than 21 feet of track. Use loops, steep curves and two boosters to ramp up the thrills.

    Then, redesign the course for all new competitive action, and start the fun again - and then again! The two power charger boosters in signature orange keep the racing going nonstop. The vibrant multi-colored tracks, boosters and banks are both durable and easy to assemble and disassemble. Start your engines and launch into new creative racing adventures! Includes one die-cast car. Ages 4 and older.

  3. Hot Wheels 3 in 1 Mega Rally Set New

    Race and rally thrills reach the max with this cool track set. Face off with friends or practice your speed.

  4. Hot Wheels 5-Car Pack New

    Speed into an instant Hot Wheels™ collection with a race-ready pack that features five highly detailed die-cast vehicles.

  5. Hot Wheels Boomco Extra Darts Assrt New

    Smart Stick darts are at the heart and soul of the exciting new BOOMco. brand launch. The Extra Ammo assortment is comprised of 16 dart refill packs in 7 energetic colors and patterns so boys can choose their favorite and know whose are whose on the battlefield.

  6. Hot Wheels Car & Mega Track Pack New

    Mega Track Pack includes a whopping 40-feet of track, multiplying the customizing action to the max! Inspire kids to embrace challenge and rev creativity by building their own epic Track Builder world and customizing it with the perfect accessories.

  7. Hot Wheels Colour Shifters Sharkport Showdown New

    Escape the giant car-chomping shark in this exciting, action-packed, colour-changing thrill ride. Speed down from the top of the tower ramp, but watch out - the shark is hungry for some metal munchies and ready to trap your vehicle in his chomping jaws.

    If you get caught, send another vehicle down the ramp and aim for the release lever.

  8. Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash, Connectable Track Set with Loops and Diecast and Mini Toy Car New

    Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track Set is an interactive racing set featuring three 12 Inch (30 cm) high loops with three high-action crash zones, three high-speed boosters and one Hot Wheels vehicle. The unique corkscrew design of the playset sends cars flying around the track and smashing, driving problem solving with exciting Hot Wheels action.

  9. Hot Wheels Desert Sting New
    Conquer the desert monster to escape the desert world. The Hot Wheels Desert Sting Launcher offers the ultimate track experience.
  10. Hot Wheels Dragon Blast Playset New

    Inspire storytelling fun and boost your kid's confidence with a thrilling adventure set that lets them play out being the hero. Players are challenged to save the city from a ferocious, rampaging dragon. When racers hit the beast, he angrily springs to life, spreading his wings and revealing multiple levels of action. Kids can test their motor and problem-solving skills by avoiding a fall into the dragon's cage - and then angling the second ramp launch to slam into his tail. It's the only way to defeat the terrifying beast. Want to keep the imaginative action going? Connect the set to other Hot Wheels Track Builder sets for a customizable world of track and play.

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