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Bottle Cleaning and Accessories

Bottle Cleaning and Accessories

  1. FARLIN Bottle & Nipple Brushes(2In1) New
    Rs. 1,057.50 Rs. 1,175.00

    Farlin understands that when you welcome a little one to your house, you have to take extra care.

  2. Rs. 1,057.50 Rs. 1,175.00

    • For all baby accessories.
    • With revolving handle for easy cleaning.
    • Also suitable for cleaning household items.

  3. Farlin Bottle and Nipple Brushes BF250 New
    Rs. 472.50 Rs. 525.00

    • Radiate bristles at the tip of brushes for cleaning thoroughly.
    • Unique handle with hanger design, easy to hold and for hanging dry.
    • Also for washing other baby articles, household cups or items.

  4. Rs. 1,957.50 Rs. 2,175.00
    Plant Base Cleaning Agent
  5. Farlin Feeding Bottle Wash Eco-Friendly Refill Pack 700ml New
  6. Rs. 472.50 Rs. 525.00
    Kids Joy "NK Bottle & Nipple Brush "
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