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  1. 7-in-1 Baby Food Maker New

    - Great help in preparing baby foods.
    - Makes food of proper portion and softness for baby.
    - Except wooden stick, all accessories are boilable and sterilizable.

  2. FARLIN Bottle & Nipple Brushes(2In1) New Sale
    $5.93 $8.81

    Farlin understands that when you welcome a little one to your house, you have to take extra care.

  3. Farlin Bottle Holder BF225 New

    - Portable and convenient for outgoing.
    - Unique insulated materials keep warm or cold longer.
    - The outer cloth is washable.

  4. Farlin Food Grinder 2 New
    - Grind solid fresh foods for baby’s meal. - Can be used as baby’s bowl. - Cute design, easier holding and usage.
  5. Farlin Gulu Gulu Sippy Cup Spout Learner 120ml New
    • Products for children 4 months and older
    • Spill-resistant design and prevent the risk of suffocation for the baby
    • Hoses made of silicone foam, soft and gentle to the gums, teeth of children
    • Easily removable parts ensure clean and convenient, can be boiled sterile
  6. FARLIN Nipple Shield-20mm New
    Have you ever experienced any pain while breast feeding your bundle of joy due to cracked nipple? Yes. FARLIN has the solution to this problem. We have designed a nipple shield to help you breast feed your baby without experiencing any pain.
    The shield is easy and convenient to use. It is thin and made using high quality soft silicone. The holes at the tip of the breast shield allow easy flow of milk to the baby.
  7. Farlin Non Spill Straw Magic Cup - 200ml New
    Easy to Use, Non-spill Even Up-side Down, Easy to Wash, BPA FreeIt has a trainer handleEasy to Grasp Handle, Widen Base is Firm and Avoids Turning Over
  8. FARLIN Pe Pa Plate New

    Let us train your child to learn to eat alone with FARLIN Pe-Pa Plate. This plate is also designed to train the skill of the child’s hand. Composed of plates, cups of milk and soup bowls, very practical. Safe for dishwasher and microwave. Free BPA and PVC, safe for small use.

  9. FARLIN Strechy Anti-Fur Nipples, Standard Neck New
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