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  1. 7-in-1 Baby Food Maker - PER245 New
    Rs. 5,377.50 Rs. 5,975.00

    - Great help in preparing baby foods.
    - Makes food of proper portion and softness for baby.
    - Except wooden stick, all accessories are boilable and sterilizable.

  2. FARLIN - PP Wide Neck Feeding Bottle 150 ml AB-42012(G) New
    Rs. 1,075.50 Rs. 1,195.00

    Your baby's transition from feeding bottle to drinking on a cup would definitely be smooth with Farlin's PP Wide neck Feeder w/handle cup. Conveniently switch from using a nipple to a cup.

  3. Rs. 1,417.50 Rs. 1,575.00
    • Fill the kettle with drinking water, juices or drinks for kids, which is convenient specially when outing.
    • Feed drinks to infants/ kids at home, no mess for the parents.
    • Toxic free and hygienic.
    • Fun and easy to use
    • Available in Blue & Yellow Colours.
    • Colour may differ on stock availability
  4. Rs. 877.50 Rs. 975.00
    • Lengthened Air valve prevents colic
    • Stretching like the feeling of mothers nipple
    • Reduces the fur on the tongue
  5. FARLIN Bottle & Nipple Brushes(2In1) New
    Rs. 1,057.50 Rs. 1,175.00

    Farlin understands that when you welcome a little one to your house, you have to take extra care.

  6. Rs. 1,057.50 Rs. 1,175.00

    • For all baby accessories.
    • With revolving handle for easy cleaning.
    • Also suitable for cleaning household items.

  7. Farlin Bottle and Nipple Brushes BF250 New
    Rs. 472.50 Rs. 525.00

    • Radiate bristles at the tip of brushes for cleaning thoroughly.
    • Unique handle with hanger design, easy to hold and for hanging dry.
    • Also for washing other baby articles, household cups or items.

  8. Rs. 2,115.00 Rs. 2,350.00
    Portable and convenient for outgoing
  9. Rs. 1,957.50 Rs. 2,175.00
    Plant Base Cleaning Agent
  10. Farlin Feeding Bottle Wash Eco-Friendly Refill Pack 700ml New
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