Toddler Thumb Sucking


How to get rid toddler thumb sucking habit. Here are some tips. If you have any other do share them with us, to help others.

  • Every time baby starts sucking thumb,  give some toy to distract attention
  • Each time baby starts sucking thumb, give a piece of carrot/cucumber/beetroot.You can also give piece of date . This will not only divert attention from thumb but also sooth the internal pain which baby usually gets while having teeth and finds relief by sucking thumb
  • Keep baby busy in activities which require use of hands like playing puzzles, drawing, colouring, etc
  • Put mittens on baby’s hands it really works
  • It is a type of stimulation and is not harmful, you should take care of hygiene and cleanliness, it’ll vanish with time, if you don’t like it try to involve her in other activities but don’t worry
  • Aloe vera gel helps to stop thumb sucking
  • Sometimes, talking to toddlers and explaining the negatives of sucking thumb/fingers will also help – try telling them in a kiddie way that sucking fingers can make them get bunny teeth or their teeth can fall off or maybe even the finger – talking does really help, so try that too. Figure out what kind of ‘talk’ and explanation will work for your child
  • Lots of cuddle time to let baby feel comforted and happy

Any other tips, please share what you do to get rid of the habit.