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Bathing Accessories

Bathing Accessories

  1. $11.93
    • Can place on top of regular flush toilet
    • Ideal for toilet training children
    • Durable and safe
    • With front shield to block the urine for more hygiene
  2. $3.56

    - Gentle for brushing babies\' teeth and stimulating their gums.
    - Made of high-quality silicone which is firm and durable.
    - Transparent one-piece design is safe and easy for cleaning.
    - Very easy to use. Boilable and dishwasher-safe.

  3. $2.21

    Delicate & comfortable, suitable for children & adults.
    For easy to rinse bubbles & makes clean & fresh feelings.
    Hang-able for easily drying, avoids growth of moulds

  4. $9.38

    • Avoids water getting into baby's eyes when washing hair.
    • 4-position head-width adjustable. Makes baby enjoy washing hair.
    • Soft and easy to wear, fits baby's head well.

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