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Bath and Skin Care.

Bath and Skin Care.

  1. Rs. 445.50 Rs. 495.00
    Baby Brush And Comb Available color Pink & Blue
  2. Rs. 382.50 Rs. 425.00
    Baby Manicure Set
  3. Farlin Baby Comb Brush Set New
    Rs. 1,057.50 Rs. 1,175.00

    Farlin Baby comb and brush set are ideal for your baby's fine hair and tender scalp.
    The newborn accessories are suitable for all family members.

  4. Farlin Baby Pants BF310 Sale
    Rs. 684.00 Rs. 760.00
    Baby Pants available in 4 sizes
  5. Farlin Baby’s First Toothbrush BF117 New
    Rs. 472.50 Rs. 525.00

    - Gentle for brushing babies\' teeth and stimulating their gums.
    - Made of high-quality silicone which is firm and durable.
    - Transparent one-piece design is safe and easy for cleaning.
    - Very easy to use. Boilable and dishwasher-safe.

  6. Farlin Bath Ball BF309A  New
    Rs. 337.50 Rs. 375.00

    Delicate & comfortable, suitable for children & adults.
    For easy to rinse bubbles & makes clean & fresh feelings.
    Hang-able for easily drying, avoids growth of moulds

  7. Farlin Washing-Hair Hat BF304 New
    Rs. 1,255.50 Rs. 1,395.00

    • Avoids water getting into baby's eyes when washing hair.
    • 4-position head-width adjustable. Makes baby enjoy washing hair.
    • Soft and easy to wear, fits baby's head well.

  8. Rs. 1,170.00 Rs. 1,300.00
    Kids Joy Bath Sheet-double (White)40x2
  9. Rs. 508.50 Rs. 565.00
    Wash Cloth
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