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  1. 3 In 1 Mini Playground Set (Mix Colour) - 17246 Sale
    Rs. 23,180.00 Rs. 27,280.00

    There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a kid laughing whole-heartedly on a swing. Just the sight of it makes your heart fill up with joy. Get this 3 In 1 Mini Playground Set for your little one and put a smile on their face.

    Going to the playground every day may not be possible due to work-commitments, weather constraints and safety issues. Why not install the 3 In 1 Mini Playground Set in your home and let your kids enjoy under the watchful eyes of yours?

  2. 360 Adjustable Swivel Baby Chair Sale
    Rs. 9,250.00 Rs. 10,880.00

    The baby chair can rotate 360 degree, it will be convenient than the ordinary chair, you don't need to move the chair when you feed the food to you babies. And it will bring the enjoyment to your baby, which is very special.

  3. Farlin Air-filled Rubber Cotsheet BF433 New
    Rs. 3,995.00

    Natural rubber for air passing. Small bubbles with more comfort.

  4. FARLIN Baby Carry Cot - BF885A-1-B (Blue) New
    Rs. 15,750.00 Rs. 17,500.00

        Removable newborn cushion for extra support for baby

  5. Rs. 30,600.00 Rs. 34,000.00

    - L110 x W70 x H81

    - Easy to fold and portable.

  6. Farlin Baby Sheet BF431 New
    Rs. 1,495.00

    - Made of waterproof material.
    - Use for a changing mat or cot sheet.
    - 90 x 60cm.

  7. Rs. 18,855.00 Rs. 20,950.00

    Babies’ joy and excitement is boundless when they experience the world around them for the very first time. Lying or sitting comfortably in a stroller, babies first come into contact with new sounds, movements, colors and shapes.

    A complete travel system which includes everything you need for your baby.

  8. Farlin Carry Cot BF890C-2  Sale
    Rs. 17,550.00 Rs. 19,500.00

    Multi-purpose use-infant car seat, infant carrier, and cradle
    Rear facing use for children weighing from birth to 10 kg

  9. Rs. 14,355.00 Rs. 15,950.00

    - W/ safety belt. 2 position footrest.
    - Roomy table is removable.
    - Waterproof fabric and easy to clean.
    - 68 x 57 x 100 cm.

  10. Rs. 29,250.00 Rs. 32,500.00

    • 3 positions adjustable backrest.
    • 6 positions adjustable height of seat.
    • 5 points harness.
    • 5 positions and foldable tray.
    • With wheel brake.
    • Waterproof fabric and easy to clean.

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